The one-and-only Butter Braid® pastry has become a great fundraising option for our groups. We keep hearing from groups that the Butter Braid pastry is a product that sells itself. Mention the name and most people know the product. Most often they are willing to buy to support your group. These light and flaky pastries, containing mouthwatering fillings like cinnamon, cream cheese and various fruit flavors, are sure to be a hit for your next fundraiser.

We have partnered with Yumbana™ Gluten Free, the award winning producer of Gluten Free (GF) products to bring you a couple of GF cookie dough flavors. These products will compliment the Butter Braid pastries or give your Gluten Free family and friends an option to support your group while buying a delicious product that meets their dietary needs.

Great for breakfast, dessert or any special occasion.

Profitable, Simple & Delicious

Profit. 40% to you, period.

Simple. Set-up and run in four easy steps.

Delicious. Quality products people love.

Selling Price for the pastries & GF cookie dough Your Profit
$15.00 $6.00

* Free Delivery for orders over 100 items in the Seattle Area. All others refer to the Delivery Minimums Map .


Butter Braid Pastries

 butter braid pastries

Yumbana GF (gluten free) Products

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