Yumbana™ is a family owned and operated, Colorado Proud bakery. We understand the benefits and risks associated with restricted diets. Unlike some bakeries that seek to capitalize on the “gluten free movement”, our families actually live gluten free (and soy free) lifestyles out of necessity. While bakeries come out with Gluten Free products just to fill the void, Yumbana makes products that meet the need. It is not enough to just have an item that is gluten free. It has to be something good and something that you want to eat because it is as good or better as something you remember. We are committed to making products that don’t require self discipline to eat and enjoy. Yumbana Shoppe products are made in a dedicated gluten free and ELISA tested production facility. Our facility is registered with the FDA and Colorado Dept of Health and Environment.

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Cookie dough is available in chocolate chip and comes frozen in a 24oz tube. There are approximately 24 – 1oz. cookies in each package, ready for you to cut, bake and enjoy.

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Butter Braid Pastries

Butter Braid® pastries are light and flaky, containing mouthwatering fillings like cinnamon, cream cheese and various fruit flavors.

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