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Thanks for asking about our story. Here is a little background: I am originally from the Seattle area; my wife Kim is from New Jersey. We met in Colorado in the early 90’s, married, had four children, and started Integrity Fundraising. Sound Fundraising is an extension of our family business in Colorado, which we have successfully run for the past twenty-five years. We want to share this success with you. We offer an easy fundraiser that promises customer satisfaction with our yummy delights, not to mention the easiest delivery imaginable. One of the greatest joys for us has been meeting and working with moms, dads, coaches, and mentors who are helping to raise and guide the next generation. We look forward to meeting you! – Keith Wagner

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Company Integrity

Prompt Service

Local Company

Reliable Delivery

Live Customer Service

Easy to Organize & Run

Large Profit

Family Owned

We never made more than $400 using other fundraising products and our first time using Butter Braids we made $2,200.
Youth Bowling Director

Our Gymnastics team averaged 18 braids per person and we made over $1,300. This was by far the best fundraiser we’ve ever run.
Gymnastics Club

Our scholarship program is funded by selling Butter Braid products twice a year. Last year we made $8,800!
Lutheran Preschool

We’ve sold Butter Braid pastries for the past 4 years. Our parents don’t want to sell anything else!
H.S. Band Booster

Sign Up Today and Let Us Help You Reach Your Fundraising Goals!
Butter Braid Slices


Sound Fundraising, LLC’s mission is to be the premier fundraising organization in the communities that we serve.


To build long-term relationships with the organizations that we serve by providing premium products and excellent service, resulting in profitable fundraisers for our customers.


Our core values consist of solid and proper intentions which reflect in both our business and personal lives. We value our customers and vendors as friends. We will serve people in a manner beyond their expectations. This company is a blessing to our families and we wish for it to be a blessing to you.